Vent Coffee Roasters grew out of Sarah Walker’s vision to create a coffee company that not only cares about the quality of its coffees but, and maybe even most important, creating a communal atmosphere in the heart of Baltimore. Walker began her training on the West Coast as a barista at Temple Coffee in Sacramento, California. Over the span of five years, Walker moved from serving as a barista at Temple Coffee to managing at Bloom Coffee and Tea in Roseville to finally roasting at the Hub Coffee Roasters in Reno, Nevada. Soon it was time for Walker to bring her skills back home to “The Greatest City in America”. And the journey continues.

inVENTor Crew:

Michael Blatnik
David and Stephanie Walker
Tom and Mary Walker
Ben Anderson
Sarah Lacey
Josh Walker
Chris ‘mom mom’ Stubbins
Steven and Julie Stout
Larry McClements
Amanda Adams
Lee Anderson
Steve and Kathy Kriedler
James and Melissa Yao
David Simon
Courtney Federoff
Shell Kulbicki
Larry Lubetsky
Bryce Benett
Tracee Nee
Adrienne Shiels
Heather Clave
Kaya Potler
Chris Mollet
Abby Robarts
Bethany Mills
Steven Hamilton
Don and Lydia Hejny

Special Thanks To...

Special thanks to…

Urban Ignite (web design and photos)
Sean Ostrowski (logo designer)
Peter Cardamone (indiegogo videographer)